Sexual Impulse


What is Sexual Impulse?

1.      This is a normal phenomenon in puberty which is due to the physical and psychological changes, effect of hormones and the gradual maturity of sex organs

2.      Many factors like sensational stimulations like visual, hearing and touch will enhance sex impulse; the intense imagination in early puberty will easily trigger off sex impulse, leading to sex behavior and other forms of sex discharge.

To Compare…

1.      When boys are having sex impulse, their penis will be filled with blood, enlarged, erect and possibly ejaculation will occur

2.      When girls are having sex impulse, they are not appeared as apparent as boys do, however, blood flow to the clitoris as well as vaginal secretions will be increased. There will be tense, accelerated heartbeat and breath, rise of blood pressure and muscles will also be uptighted.


How to Deal With?

Teenagers should cultivate an appropriate, positive and correct concept towards sex and try to control their sex impulse appropriately as they are too young and immature to bear any responsibility of an instant sexual relations just because of sex impulse at a moment. The consequences of it are unbearable, for example: premarital sex and pregnancy, promiscuous, sexually transmitted disease (STD)etc. Therefore, they should understand…

1.      Sex should come with foundation of love rather than just satisfy the physical sexual needs at a moment because only love will improve the bonding of the two parties

2.      Establish personal interests and habits, participate more in group activities, they can not just release excess energy and lessen sex impulse but also beneficial to your health and help you to make friends and broaden horizon

3.      DO NOT feel guilty on rejecting the unreasonable demand of others as “True love” always means we should pay our respect to each other

4.      AVOID materials like pornographic readings and films which enhances and triggers off sex impulse

5.      An overwhelmingly open, casual attitude towards sex will easily lead to serious results like premarital pregnancy and STD etc

6.      AVOID meeting with the opposite sex in a silent place individually.

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